Clase de cocina con la señora Susana

El menú: tamales cuencanos, ensalada de la casa y jugo de babaco. Simplemente delicioso…

Hipsters Dont Plank in Airports

 The past few weeks have been ripe with knowledge as well as breathtaking sights. However, the road followed before our arrival was a bit arduous and definitely very boring. We spent several hours on the brink of insanity at Miami airport waiting for departure. Meanwhile without shame some friends and I roamed the airport looking for entertainment… we most certainly found some. We tried assimilating into the hipster movement but overall just had fun being quirky kids. Doing handstands, planking, limbo and all kinds of obnoxious things. Surprisingly, after all these activities we boarded our plane and were not booted from the airport. Unfortunately our plane had some technical difficulties with the air conditioning unit and we were coerced to leave the plane and resume clowning around the aiport.

   Around this time we were all hungry and ready to consume the smallest member of our group… sorry steph lol. We thought about it, but ended up buying some overpriced pazones instead. I can still taste the saltiness on the back of my tongue. After what seemed like an entire day we boarded our plane to Quito, exhausted, hungry, and a bit cranky. I mean really cranky. Everyone was ready to pass out and I am sure most did as soon as their posteriors touched fabric. After some time we did receive what airplane attendants call food to quench our hunger. The only thing about the airplane ride i remember vividly is slowly expelling gas. Not because It wouldnt come out, but because I didnt want to kill the man behind me.

    Upon landing no one was ready to confront baggage claim or even rising out our seats. However, we passed through the airport rather quickly with only minor hindrances and boarded the bus destined for Hotel Quito. Once the bus halted, no one expected the view outside. Our hotel looked amazing and there was a wedding downstaits with music blaring. Awesome.

  Cutting to Cuenca

   The experience living with an Ecuatorian family and attending school at Sempere is truly indescribable. My host mother was bubbly and friendly person and her two kids were very nice as well. I was given my own room, of course, which also included a bathroom. I found myself downstairs more often with my host family as opposed to staying in my room. No point isolating myself when my family was more than willing to explain cultural aspects and even invite me for occasioal trips into town for groceries.

Zen at the Airport

Our Winter Term to Ecuador has officially taken off…literally! We began our journey very early in the day, a 7am flight from Tampa to Miami. In a few hours we will board the next leg of our trip to Quito, Ecuador, and eventually to Cuenca, our final destination.

Many discoveries, adventures and experiences await us. But, in the meantime we have many hours to kill before our connecting flight. El que espera desespera, so goes the popular saying, but perhaps Eckerd students have perfected el arte de la espera.

posted by Prof. Angulo-Cano